Saturday, February 27, 2010

OK, Andria - 10 happy things

10 things that make me happy as requested by Andria.
  • sun on my bare arms after a long winter
  • visits to real life fairy tale cities, like tallinn, estonia
  • my boy when he sees me enter his classroom - the held back smile curling around his cheeks
  • dinner and drinks with friends (particularly when celebrating)
  • old friends come to call
  • curled up feet of an old dog lounging in the sun
  • watching the boy swim across the pool
  • late nights with the hubby when all is quiet
  • unfettered stars over mountains surrounded by homies
  • this sour cream cake about to come out of the oven


  1. For me: old friends come to call in real life fairy tale city.

  2. I'm Andria's high school friend and just popped over here. Hope the cake was great. And I hear you about the kids swimming across the pool- makes me one proud mama.